Why not have a custom presentation designed for your athletic club, sports team, high school or college program or just for your group of friends? Maybe your members have an upcoming race or event they are training for and could use some tailored advice. This clinic-type talk includes power point presentations, handouts for you to copy, time for questions and can be personalized for your group and conducted in a wide range of venues. Sports stores, clubhouses, schools, auditoriums, private homes, even outdoors following a workout, are all suitable places for an informative talk.


Individual Nutrition and Exercise Consultation — Do you have a goal to finish a big race? Did you "bonk" in your last one? Do you want to decrease your body fat in order to enhance your performance? Are you just trying to fit exercise, work and healthy eating habits into an already busy life? This program is useful for the competitive athlete as well as someone wanting to make positive lifestyle changes around eating and exercise.

It includes:

  • Dietary and behavioral assessment with goal setting
  • Customized meal plans based on your individual needs
  • Sample menus, snack ideas, recipes, specific dietary handouts and more
  • Suggestions for changes and training foods appropriate to your specific athletic goals or events

Sunny no longer does Individual Consultations, but Sarah does. Call or email Sarah at today to schedule your 30-minute free consultation. At that time, she can determine which customized program will work best for you to reach your fueling and nutritional goals.